Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Scrumptious cakes

Now to top my previous creations i had to use the dreaded oven but it wasnt just any oven it was a brand new shiny oven after the other one had been broken by cakecuccino in an act of corperate sabotage. to start with i went to my local shop and purchesed the ingrediants of 1 egg, and a tom and jerry cake kit.

Mixing the cake mix together with the aforth mentioned egg and water to create the perfect mix that was then carefully placed in case also provided in the kit. the cakes could then enter the oven at the temp of 220 degrees celcius.

Next step was the icing for the cakes this was a simple and easy process that few could get wrong, mixing the icing sugar with water, a brillliant idea came into my head it did, that by adding blue food dye that i could then make the icing blue instead of the girly pink. A brilliant notion it was. After the cakes ahd been in the oven for 20 mins i could then take them out let them cool for another 10 then top with the blue icing and add the little suger stickers on top, perfection and all don in 1/2 an hour no 4 hours spent on cake here.

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