Thursday, 21 October 2010

Sponge cake

3 eggs
Self raising flour
Caster sugar
1tsp Baking powder

Butter icing:
icing sugar

I started by making the icing sugar. mixing the softend butter with the icing sugar and a bit of water into a mixing bowl, mix well.

I then placed the sponge on a clean counter and proceeded to add the butter icing.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

head in the baking game

for this reciepe you will need:
1 box of gingerbread men (pre bought)
1 box of icing
25 ml of water
1 packet of crisps (preferable walkers)
Some round toffees
red, yellow and black food dye or icing in these colours
1 mixing bowl

first opwn the box of gingerbread men by breaking free the seal and lifting the lid as shown below.
next lay out the gingerbread men in in rows ordering them according to the status quo. after that proceed to mix the icing powder and water in order to create icing add red food dye in order to turn theicing red and apply to the chests of the gingerbread menwait for the icing to set, 20-30 min. then starting something new, ice half the men with yellow hair as below and half with black also below. Those with yellow hair ice the number 14 onto their shirt and 8 with the black haired ones also giving them the toffees to act as basketballs its easy to work this out.

And there you have some high school musical gingerbread men.
p.s the crisps were just for me to eat i got hungry while doing this.