Thursday, 13 January 2011

My Very Own Roast Potatoes

Here is my own unique reciepe for roast potoatoes, which is clearly my own and i did fully myself as you shall clearly see from my description of how i did it.

Firstly you will need to cut up one potatoe and have 3 full potoatoes as well, yes that seems right.
Step 2 chop up some garlic and like with the potatoes leave some whole bits.
step 3: put some er grass and other green things into a dish that i would guess from the picture can hold 4 litres of water.

Finally add the potatoes which if magic is on your side like it clearly was mine will all now be chopped up. and cook in the over for lets guess 3 hours.
and that is my own special roast potatoes reciepe, dont believe me look at the pictures for proof, yeah that told you!


  1. These look amazing, I'm so proud of you! :P

  2. why thank you compliments are always nice,

  3. My one criticism is that you spelt recipe wrong

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