Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Best of the best

When it comes to baking the vast majority of people would say that a key componant to the whole process is a working oven, I do not follow this idea. Due to the oven breaking and a need for baked goods when my friends come over for our 'Movie Mondays' i had to devise a way to provide the necessary baked goods.

My system revolves around harnessing the power of steam where by i will basically boil a cake. Some rival bakers will scrutinise this system and if face with a similar problem will try and find easy solutions like grilling cakes.
I decided that to start off i would make simple cakes that would be a good example to my friends that this was a system of baking worth investing in.

Following the recipe and adding sugar, 2 eggs and butter into a bowl before mixing thouroughly. Then adding flour to the mixture and a dash of vanilla, then mixing together to make the perfect mixture for the cakes.

I then proceeded to give out equal quantaties to each cake.

The next part would be the most complicated and trickiest that only experienced bakers like myself would preform, it was time to boil the cakes.
I added heated water to a pan and the placed the cake in a sieve then placed it in the pan and carefully put the lid over the sieve so that the steam wouldn't escape so eaisily and the cake wou;ld cook in a faster time. the whole process took about 15 to 20 minuites, and at the end of it we had 7 loverly cakes, more would have been made but only 3 people were attending our movies nightt this week out of usually 6+ guests.
After the cakes were done and left for a little while to cool i decided that instead of icing the top as was common practice by our preivious baker i would go in a different direction and instead top my cakes off with loverly ice cream.

Below is the finished outcome of my work and one of my friends enjoying his steamed treat. helping to prove the supieriority of steaming over traditional baking.

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