Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Butter beer

Greetings Betterccino followers, this is a recipe for all you potter-heads out there and can be good for you 'notters' as well.

Here is my magical Butterbeer recipe,

you'll need:
1 bottle of beer (Stella in mt case)
10g of butter
A whole load of magical talent (or at least more than they have at cakecuccino, which is none, so we're in luck there :P)
1 bezoar stone (optional)

Firstly you will need to take your bottle opener and remove the bottle top from the previously mentioned bottle.
Next pour the contents of said bottle into an appropriate glass receptical. (as below)
Let the beverage stand for a second.
Then take 10g of butter on a knife, being extremly careful not to stab any house-elves.
Add the butter to the beer and abracadabra, we have a magical drink
Enjoy and try not to drink to much or a stupify hex wont be the reason you're on the floor.
p.s for non harry potter fans making this is a very good excuse for drinking at 2 in the afternoon.