Sunday, 5 December 2010

Easy cake blog

Hello blogging thingy,

Today i will be helping you make a very simple, straight forward, deliciously cake

For this you will need:
1 Computer/Laptop.
Fingers or finger like objects.
Little to no moral compass.

1. Firstly switch on your computer and wait for it to fully start up.
2. Ok now open the Internet browser and go to Google homepage (or Bing if you prefer it that way).
3. Now search for 'cake making' and moves to images.
4. Select the images you think most appropriate to your blog and then save them, not forgetting a picture of a final made cake!
5. Go to your blog and select new post, then simply upload the pictures.
6. Search for a recipe from an internet website write a little about how you did it and hey presto you have yourself a blog.
7. any problems check the example below, enjoy :)

First I put some substance i presume is chocolate into a tray and baked for some time.
I then let it cool while filing it down with a giant nail file.
The Sprinkled with some icing sugar and did a little tweaking and....
there we go one complete cake, yum.

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